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83 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction

NSW 2022


Phone 612 - 9387 5535


Headhunters Hair Design - Sydney Wigs is a HAIR EXTENSIONS SPECIALIST. Headhunters Hair Design - Sydney Wigs has both human hair and synthetic wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces available for sale and hire. We can custom make wigs to order, and we also specialise in wigs for alopecia, cancer and other medical problems.

Headhunters Hair Design - Sydney Wigs are "Metaphysical Hairdressers" and invented "Bridging for Baldness". Back in 1972, ELIZABETH C KING of Headhunters Hair Design - Sydney Wig invented metaphysical hairdressing, and she has over 38 years industry experience. Elizabeth is a healer and hairdresser that has travelled the South Pacific, teaching different methods of hair interpretation and how it is done. She has invented several ways of fixing other people's mistakes as a technical director and "Correctional Specialist." Elizabeth is a very intuitive person. She can feel, see and tell you what you are doing wrong with your hair, and educate you on how to go about doing it properly.

Elizabeth of Headhunters Hair Design - Sydney Wigs is the one that the stars use when they are doing a stage production, gig, movie, concert or television appearance etc. Her star client list includes some of the hugest names worldwide. Our showroom is private, and she doesn't reveal the names of her clients to the media, which is one of the reasons the stars use her services. She believes that everyone is a star and should be treated as one, and believes that angels send people to meet her and her husband Robbie. She says they need to be in the presence of this energy, and hear the knowledge and love that Elizabeth and Robbie freely give in a meeting. She invented "Metaphysical Hairdressing", an experience like none other. Come and visit Headhunters Hair Design - Sydney Wigs, and experience the totally unique world that Elizabeth has built for her wig showroom, salon and healing rooms.

Head Hunters, Sydney Wigs Offer:

  • Australia’s Biggest and Best Showroom of Wigs and Hairpieces for Men, Women and Children
  • Men's, Women's & Children's Wig Designer
  • Men's and Women's Toupee & Hair Unit Designer
  • Men's & Women's Hair Extensions Specialist
  • Wigs, Hairpieces & Hair Extension Wholesaler & Retailer
  • Wigs, Hairpieces & Hair Extension Consultants
  • Hair Loss Specialist
  • Thinning & Balding Specialist
  • Alopecia & Cancer Specialist
  • Specialised Steam Conditioning Treatments to Stop Breakage and Hair loss
  • Cutting, Treating, Colouring, Perming, Straightening & Styling
  • Restyling & Repairing Old Wigs & Pieces to Update them so they Look Young & Fresh & as New as Possible
  • We Also Have Some Wigs for Hire, Overnight or Weekends for Parties, Film Shoots, Modelling, Concerts, etc. or Just For Fun or For Play
  • Full Maintenance & Products Available, Retail or Wholesale

About Sydney Wigs - Headhunters Hair Design:

ELIZABETH C KING of Headhunters Hair Design - Sydney Wigs is a renowned wig and hairpiece designer amongst other things. She began working with wigs during her hairdressing apprenticeship, and she has invented different techniques to prevent hair breaking or falling out, including her speciality steam conditioning treatment. Elizabeth has DESIGNED A HAIRPIECE FOR WOMEN TO WEAR that fills in the gaps in your hair wherever you require it. Thinning flat hair problems are a thing of the past. This piece can save the colouring of roots in particular cases, as it covers the problem areas and looks like your scalp, which is ideal for people with alopecia spots. In some cases, it also saves having to shave your hair while your hair grows back, and makes a bad hair day a good hair day! Headhunters Hair Design - Sydney Wigs IS the number one MEN'S WIG, HAIRPIECE, TOUPEE and HAIR UNITS SPECIALIST. Even if you have your own hairpiece, Elizabeth will cut it so it won't be recognised as a hairpiece. She can curl or colour it to suit you if needed, and can repair it so you don't have to buy a new piece in most instances. Headhunters Hair Design - Sydney Wigs have small base wigs for children and people with smaller heads that need a small base, or she can also design extra large ones for those with a larger head that can't find a wigs that fit.

If you are seeking quality wigs, give Headhunters Hair Design - Sydney Wigs a call now.

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83 Bronte Road

Bondi Junction, NSW

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